Hypnotic Nausea ‎– The Death of All Religions

Hypnotic Nausea – The Death Of All Religions (New Full Album) Hypnotic Nausea is an experimental heavy rock band from Athens Greece. The band was formed in August 2013 and in May 2015 they recorded their first album “Hypnosis” live in the studio attempting to capture the analog feel of their sound. The main focus was to create soundscapes, functioning as a highlight for their conceptual art ideas. 4 years later they return with their new sophomore full length album, “The Death Of All Religions”.


Ikaros Records 2019

O.Y.D.(One Year Delay) ‎– Indigo

O.Y.D (One Year Delay) is a Alternative / Nu Metal band from Kalamata Greece,this is the second album.

Band Members
Orestis Alimonos – Vocals
George Manesiotis- Bass
Nick Koumoundouros – Guitars
Haris Kolozis – Drums
Steve Tsotras – Keys / Samples / Backing Vocals

Is limited edition numbered

Ikaros Records 2019

Mr. Highway Band ‎– Is That My Self

Rock band based in Athens, Greece, formed in 2011.
Their sound is characterized by a mixture of rock, country and blues elements in such a way that defines their unique and personal style. Mr. Highway Band are: Johnny Afendras (Mr. Highway): guitars, Gregory Psaltakos: vocals, Thimios Spiliotopoulos: guitars, Dennis Tsiounis: bass, Jim Tsarnos: drums

Mr. Highway Band ‎– Is That My Self LP
is a 2019 version of the first album of the legendary Mr.Highway Band.
Numbered, colored (red transparent),hand made sealed with double-sided insert with credits and band photos

Ikarosrecords 2019

Message in a Cloud – Anassa

ssage in a Cloud Press Release for the Record Release

Message In a Cloud were born in the bedroom of a sleepless guy called Nikos Loukopoulos (also in Decemberance and Constrictor) back in 2014, in Athens, Greece. At that time, he had left his previous band Inertial Oblivion and many tracks written for them would be left unused. The idea of a one-man project seemed like the only way for these tracks to be released. Nikos was also playing the bass in other two bands back then: the avant-garde metallers nibiru and the doomsters Immensity. He had already recorded an EP with Inertial Oblivion and a mini-CD with nibiru. Being a multi-instrumentalist and a sound engineer, he had no problem to record the guitar, the bass and program the drums and keys in his bedroom for the first Message In a Cloud demo, which was released digitally during the fall of 2014, containing two tracks. His real ambition, though, was to hear this music played live by real musicians. That’s how a new band’s story was born!

Aggelos Malisovas (Decemberance, Daylight Misery, Ciccada, Lunatics, ex-Arkovlies, ex-Fallen Arise) was the one who convinced Nikos to start this new band adventure, strictly believing in his new material. Even though he plays the bass in all the bands he participates, Aggelos wanted to try his abilities on guitar this time. So, he became the first MIAC member as a second guitarist. George Vasalos (Inertial Oblivion, Apparently Dead) was a friend of Nikos since school, and a fully trustful person for the bass duties of the band. Nikos and George were also the ones who started Inertial Oblivion back in 2009. Nora Koutsouri was the keyboard player for Immensity while Nikos was playing the bass in the band as a session member. He trusted her for MIAC seeing her being a hard working and serious person, fitting well with the plan he had in mind. Last but not least, Thanasis Politis (Kevel) ended up to be the drummer of the band. Nikos had seen him playing a gig with the avant-garde, sludge-black metallers Kevel and was blown away with his abilities. There was no plan b for a drummer since then.

So, the band was formed and started playing gigs in order to get known among it’s underground fellows. Their style ended up combining elements of post rock, post metal, prog rock, 90s melodic doom, shoegaze, indie and blackgaze. Bands like ISIS, Alcest, Les Discrets, Deafheaven, This Will Destroy You, Maybeshewill, The Gathering, Slowdive and Ride are some of MIAC’s basic influences. They played a series of live shows during 2015 and 2016 while they were placed as a support act for some foreign bands such as Khara, Sylvaine and Saigon Blue Rain.

Τheir first full-length album, named “Anassa”, was recorded in 2017 at Ritual Studios, Athens. It is a six track instrumental album driven mostly by slow atmospheric parts blended with massive reverb sections, electronic elements and some blast-beat outbursts. MIAC collaborated with Stelios “S_Fx” Efentakis (GardenBox, Sun Of Nothing, 27, Mahakala) in order to achieve their distinctive melancholic sound. The artwork was done by Costin Chioreanu (Arcturus, Paradise Lost, Grave, Oceans of Slumber, Solsfafir and many more).

Searching for a label to release your work on vinyl seems like a myth when you live and play this kind of music in Greece. Nikos contacted many Greek and foreign labels in order to see the record physically released. Very few of them answered and even less were interested. This is where Ikaros Records comes in. Lefteris Fytas considered the material truly worthy to be released and this is how the record is out now on a special vinyl issue! Message In a Cloud deliver atmosphere, pure feeling and painful moments in a great package! That’s how their journey begins…


Ikaros Records 2018

The Jumpin’ Bones – Marrow

Οι “The Jumpin’ Bones” είναι μια αθηναϊκή Rhythm ’n Blues μπάντα που δημιουργήθηκε την άνοιξη του 2014. Έκτοτε οι δυναμικές ζωντανές εμφανίσεις τους στην Ελλάδα και οι θετικές κριτικές που απέσπασε διεθνώς από τον Τύπο η πρώτη τους δισκογραφική δουλειά τους έχουν καθιέρωσει ως μια απο τις σημαντικότερες παρουσίες στην ελληνική blues σκηνή.
To πρώτο τους album με τίτλο “Marrow” κυκλοφόρησε ψηφιακά και σε CD τον Νοέμβριο του 2015 και αποτελείται απο έξι δικές τους συνθέσεις και μια διασκευή. Γρήγορα απέσπασε πολύ θετικές κριτικές από περιοδικά και site του εξωτερικού όπως τα Blues Blast Magazine (USA), Blues Matters (UK), και Bluesnews (DE) καθώς και απο αντίστοιχα ελληνικά.
Οι “The Jumpin’ Bones” μετρούν αρκετές εμφανίσεις σε γνωστές σκηνές της Αθήνας όπως το Six Dogs και το Half Note Jazz Club καθώς και σε φεστιβαλ (Ziria Music Festival, Ramones Tribute Festival στο Κύτταρο, Blues to the Bone Festival: A Live Tribute to B.B. King).
Αρχικά η μπάντα ιδρύθηκε από τρεις παιδικούς φίλους, τον Ορέστη Τσικούρη (φωνή – φυσαρμόνικα), τον Δημήτρης Δακόπουλο (κιθάρα),τον Κωνσταντίνο Αλούπη (μπάσο) και στη συνέχεια με την προσθήκη του Σπύρου Γαβαλά (τύμπανα) κατέληξαν στον ήχο που χαρακτηρίζει την πρώτη τους δισκογραφική δουλειά. Το 2017 τη σκυτάλη στη κιθάρα και το μπάσο πήραν οι Γιώργος Χρυσόπουλος και Θανάσης Γκιουλέας αντίστοιχα. Απο το φθινόπωρο του 2017 όμως κιθαρίστας της μπάντας είναι ο ταλαντούχος Νίκος Τζαβάρας στης θέση του Γιώργου.
Ο έντονα προσωπικός τους ήχος αναδεικνύεται από την ανάμειξη της πρώιμης Rhythm ’n’ Blues με στοιχεία απο την σύγχρονη Blues σκηνή της Δυτικής Ακτής των ΗΠΑ. Το αποτέλεσμα είναι ιδιαίτερο, μοντέρνο, και άκρως χορευτικό.

Σήμερα οι “The Jumpin’ Bones” είναι:
Ορέστης Τσικούρης – φωνή, φυσαρμόνικα
Νίκος Τζαβάρας – κιθάρα
Θανάσης Γκιουλέας – μπάσο
Σπύρος Γαβαλάς – τύμπανα


The Jumpin’ Bones – Marrow – Ikaros Records 2017